Friday, April 13, 2007

Yard sign allegations

The following email was sent this morning, alleging improprieties by the Sharon Bailey campaign. This information was sent by a "Seth Oake" but has not been confirmed (Google revealed not even a single listing for a "Seth Oake" and official Denver records reveal no homeowners with that last name):
After a call to Sharon's city office to let her know of her illegal campaign signs, I received a disturbing voicemail from her husband John Bailey. My message to Mrs. Bailey was that she knows she has illegal signs and she is responsible for making sure they are placed in legal areas. I let her know that I have been and will continue to remove the litter I find on public property. Her husband left me a voice mail a couple hours later that warned me to not let him catch me out there removing signs, that "aggressive campaigning is what I do" and it's "not my job to police him". He continues "if I catch you out there, there's going to be a problem". "Don't let me catch you out there."

I find this very disturbing that the campaign manager for one of our city employees is using threats when he is actually the one breaking the law.



Dave Burrell said...


"Seth" (not his real name) has provided details on this allegation, as well as an MP3 file confirming the threat.

Mr Bailey specifically notes that his job is "aggressive campaigning" and tells the citizen to beware of removing any further signs.

So, this allegation is indeed true. Is it an important concern for this campaign, or a momentary diversion? That's your call.

BigSprinter said...

Wow. Any way to get the MP3? I'd call this an important concern if true.

Then again I didn't vote for Ms. Bailey anyway...

Dave Burrell said...

I urged Seth to go public with all of the information, including the MP3, but he declined to do so.

BigSprinter said...

If this is true, it's a shame. Not only because it's discouraging, as "Seth" says, that "the campagn manager for one of our city employees" would resort to threats and intimidation when someone calls him out for breaking the law, but because it will likely fly under the radar of many people that are voting for Ms. Bailey simply because she talks a good talk.

Dave Burrell said...

Yes, and also a shame that you and Seth keep referencing this incident as if it were a serious concern about public policy.

Isn't there something in the real issues facing Council District 8 that you'd like to get off your chest, rather than continually flogging this one horse?