Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Werther's expanding Web presence

Today I came across another first in the May 2007 municipal elections: a candidate buying weblinks.

Perusing the Rocky Mountain News, I saw the following sponsored links at the bottom:

I clicked on his site and found a greatly-improved Web presence, including the heroic flag pose and lots of white space.

I remembered his old site to be bland and blue, disorganized and rambling. It appears he is taking the race a lot more seriously now, as O'Malley has begun to stumble.

For fun, I went to recover the information from old Internet sites, but all I came up with was this: Werther's web presences from roughly 2002-2005:

In any event, I thought the paid weblink was novel and the history of his site renovations at least mildly interesting. Enjoy!

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