Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Video Interview: Paul Lopez (CD3)

Colorado Confidential's Mark Mehringer recently interviewed Paul Lopez, candidate for City Council representing Council District 3.

Born and raised in West Denver, Lopez discussed a community activism inherited from his mother, a bilingual kindergarten teacher.

Lopez mentioned graffiti & crime as the #1 issue in District 3. For solutions, he suggests better libraries, rec centers, and schools, as well as stiff penalties.

His #2 issue was business revitalization. Improving city services, road developments along Federal Boulevard, and flower-filled parks were among the suggestions (he later indicates that District 3 has less park space than any other district in the city). He expressed frustration with the adult bookstores, liquor stores, and check cashing places that dominate the area.

As for education, he notes that the city does have responsibility for student opportunities outside of school hours. Transit-oriented development is discussed as relates to property values, business planning, and FasTracks in general.

The most interesting question referenced Paul's age. He calls his youth a benefit, reflecting new leadership and understanding of new challenges.

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