Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Profile: Chris Nevitt (CD7)

DU Today has published an article outlining the policy positions of city council candidates in three areas. The article by Richard Chapman is entitled "Candidates vie to replace MacKenzie in District 7," and includes profiles of both Council District 6 and Council District 7 candidates.

Below is the response of CD7's Chris Nevitt:
Experience you consider most relevant to Denver City Council service:
The previous five years I spent running the Front Range Economic Strategy Center, a public-interest nonprofit focused on the Denver municipal economy and dedicated to creating better jobs, more affordable housing, and facilitating more robust community participation.

The University of Denver describes itself as a “private institution for the public good.” If the University were to ask you for suggestions as to how this could be accomplished in the years ahead, how would you answer?

I would challenge DU to: a) Strengthen DU’s relationship and deepen its involvement with Denver Public Schools. The expertise of DU’s faculty and staff and the wealth of DU’s facilities could help make DPS the stellar urban school system it can be. b) Bring DU’s intellectual resources more directly to bear on the policy debates and policy development taking place in the public/private arena — among policy nonprofits, in the business community and in government itself.

What are the top three issues affecting District 7 that you intend to tackle after being elected to City Council?
1) Promoting responsible, quality development and protecting the character and quality of life of our neighborhoods from the opposite; 2) Making Denver a better partner with Denver Public Schools; 3) Making Denver a national leader in clean energy and sustainability.

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