Wednesday, April 11, 2007

If journalists don't cover the news, is it news?

I love it when media outlets proclaim elections boring... as if the candidates are somehow supposed to amuse them or cause news to happen.

Elections are about ideas and policies and the future of our community. Perhaps that's boring, but the most important focus for a democracy.

Yet candidates are in a lose-lose situation. If they make the slightest misstep, they're hung out to dry. If they play it straight, they're boring. Turns out the way to get coverage is by clowning around or injecting emotional attacks into the race.

And if it's just issues and ideas to trumpet, well... let's go with that story about a shooting in southeast Denver. Sad, and more to the shame of our local media.

It's enough to make one wax philosophic. If a candidate stirs imaginations and injects life into a campaign, but no one is there to report it... was it news?

I don't expect the CBS Evening News to cover local elections, but when the Rocky Mountain News, Denver Post, and 5280 (among others) all decide to ignore campaigns in the search of something more "compelling" in the days and weeks leading up to the ballot, well that really gets my Irish up.

Jason Bane at 5280 has dubbed the "Denver Election a Yawner," with the thrilling conclusion that "politics is normally good theater, but this show is boring."

There's your media, folks.


Anonymous said...

Hilarious. Can't expect Bane to care about something he doesn't understand and, frankly, doesn't affect him. He doesn't even live in Denver.

The Rocky and the Post have had some good articles lately. Today, the Rocky did a nice spread on District 8.,2808,DRMN_24736_5477482,00.html

The Post had an article yesterday about Mark Roggeman in District 3:

And both papers covered Bill Wells' jabs at Gallagher:

But if 5280 magazine has declared the election boring, let's all just stop talking about candidates and issues and go get pedicures.

CowboyDenver said...

I think you've stumbled on Lickenhooper's secret of success! This moron rides around on a scooter and jumps out of planes and always manages a goofy smile. No substance, no sound ideas, but he's not "boring." "Makes for good sound bites."