Thursday, April 12, 2007

CD8: Watson on national coverage

Keith Boykin is the host of BET's My Two Cents, the best-selling author of three New York Times listed books, and a regular commentator on CNN's Paula Zahn Now."

And now, he's endorsed Denver City Council candidate Darrell Watson. In the interview, he indicates that he is supported by The Kenney Group, Denver's most savvy political consulting firm.

Earlier this month, the Watson campaign sent out a misleading press release regarding campaign finances. For the first time, Darrell Watson himself engages in the process, as described below:
Boykin: How much have you raised?

Watson: We’ve raised $34,000 and I believe our nearest opponent raised $26,000.
As of the March 2006 reporting period, the Watson campaign had raised $31,554.91 and Carla Madison had raised $26,385.99. Might he have been comparing his own April figures against Madison's March figures? That's a bit disingenuous but not unprecedented for this campaign.

And then finally:
Boykin: So if I come to the convention will you give me a hookup?

Watson: [He almost says yes, and then laughs.] I’ll make sure you’re treated well.
Unseemly, but certainly not important for the voting public.

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