Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Profile: Niccolo Casewit (CD3)

The Niccolo Casewit campaign today released a flier introducing local voters to his campaign and, most importantly, his stand on the issues. It is excerpted below:
Who is Niccolo Casewit?
Raised in West Denver’s Barnum neighborhood,
Niccolo Casewit is founder and principal architect of Environmental Productions. His extensive background in land planning, urban design and sustainability have been instrumental in shaping “quality of life” issues in West Denver.
  • Member of the Denver Mayor’s Infrastructure Priorities Task Force, Transportation Sub-committee.

  • Public Advocate for Denver’s Main Street Zoning Ordinance for E. Colfax, W. Colfax and Federal Blvd.

  • Stakeholder on the West Colfax Area Plan, Saint Anthony’s Hospital Redevelopment
    and the Civic Center Plan.

  • TOD Advocate for Transit-Oriented Development that encourages creation of pedestrian-friendly communities.

...Niccolo Casewit wants to work for you to create:

Safe Communities
Niccolo Casewit will work to strike out graffiti-vandalism and encourage prevention activities such as murals, performing arts, and other youth activities. He’ll promote increased law enforcement with greater parental responsibility. Niccolo will advocate increased funding of education opportunities for at risk youth leading to jobs in the building trades, health services and technology.

Neighborhood Vitality
It’s time to ‘fix’ Federal Boulevard, the stretch of road that connects the wonderfully diverse West Side communities. Improving Federal will boost civic pride, increase property values and accurately reflect the area’s vitality and culture.

Smart Growth & Strong Economy
With RTD FasTracks and other large improvement projects approaching, Denver’s District #3 is in a time of great change. Neighborhoods must be mobilized to participate in the planning and effective management of the $100 million road infrastructure investment planned for District 3. Casewit is working hard to ensure that West Denver developments are smartly planned, managed and executed.

Inclusive Leadership
Our community has demonstrated great talent and dedication. When we unite to elect a government that is responsive to citizen vision, we can solve challenges and create a diverse, enduring community. If elected as Councilman, Casewit will keep regular evening and weekend office hours to stay in contact with constituents and business owners.

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