Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Profile: Carla Madison (CD8)

The Carla Madison campaign recently released the following memo describing her biography and concerns. I'll call it a "profile" and quote it below:
Carla Madison, a Denver native and 16-year District 8 resident, has launched her campaign to run for the city council seat in District 8. The seat will be vacated later this year when District 8 councilperson Elbra Wedgeworth is term-limited.

“I’ve been working to better my district for 17 years,” Madison says from her home in the City Park West Neighborhood. “I’ve decided to increase my efforts on behalf of my neighbors by running for City Council.”

“Our district faces many challenges over the next few years,” Madison adds, “and I want to make sure we have a city council person who can properly address and manage these challenges.”

Madison is immensely qualified for the District 8 council seat, because she has a wealth of experience and expertise in working on behalf of her community.

She has served on a variety of city panels and task forces, including the Uptown Healthcare District Committee, the Manual High School Redevelopment Council, Children's Hospital Redevelopment, the Cabaret Liquor License task Force, the Off- Leash Dog Park Task Force and the Citizens Advisory Group to the Zoning Code Task Force.

Her extensive contributions to the North East Denver corridor include being founder and chair of the City Park Festival of the Arts, a non-profit arts and entertainment festival in its 7th year. In 2004 she was the architect of the City Park West OD-9 zoning overlay. The overlay preserved the existing character of the residential neighborhood, while defining and promoting development in determined corridors of a 30-block area west of City Park.

She is considered an expert on zoning issues and has consulted many neighborhoods dealing with the balance between development and stability. A strong advocate for small business, she is currently a co-coordinator of the Uptown Sampler and last year's startup Feast on the FAX.

Her numerous awards include the 2003 King Trimble Jr. Recognition Award, the Community Planning and Development Agency's 2004 Citizen's Award, and Capital Hill [sic] United Neighborhoods Good Neighbor Award.

Holding a BS in Physical Geography and a Masters in Physical Therapy from Boston University she has worked as a Physical Therapist for the Visiting Nurse Association for 17 years. Along with the Assistance League of Denver and the Dominican Sisters she has worked to provide the elderly in District 8 the equipment they need to be safe in their homes.

For more information, please visit her website at CarlaForCouncil.org.

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