Monday, March 26, 2007

Profile: Doug Linkhart (At Large District)

Several candidates for a City Council At Large seat were profiled in the March 2007 edition of Life On Capitol Hill.

Doug Linkhart's candidacy was described as follows:
Incumbent At-Large Councilman Doug Linkhart launched his campaign by saying, "I am choosing to run for re-election because, although our city has made great improvements, our work is not done. We must build upon the momentum our economy has gained in the last four years. We must continue to protect our streets from violence, crime, and gangs. And, we must continue to create better opportunities for our children."

If re-elected he intends to "continue to build upon the progress we have made during the past four years, which has included: adding 24,000 jobs to a once-stalled economy; bringing over 100 more police officers onto the streets," resulting in a 2006 crime drop of nearly 10%; and expanding after school, preschool and summer programs for our children."

He notes that, "Significant projects to streamline development review processes, preserve historic homes and neighborhoods, combat homelessness, and prevent crime" must continue and be improved.

Councilman Linkhart has more than 13 years of public service experience to City Council. Having served two years in the State House of Representatives and eight- years in the State Senate. He was the founder of the Neighborhood Resource Center of Colorado, a non-profit organization that works with neighborhood associations to strengthen local communities throughout the state.

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