Monday, March 26, 2007

Profile: Carol Campbell (At Large District)

Several candidates for a City Council At Large seat were profiled in the March 2007 edition of Life On Capitol Hill.

Carol Campbell's candidacy was described as follows:
A wife, mother, artist, teacher, and activist, Carol E Campbell has lived in the Athmar Park neighborhood in southwest Denver since 1988. She has worked to improve the quality of life for Denver citizens since 1991, when she helped form a neighborhood association.

Campbell says that "crime is rampant and negatively impacting our lives." She is running for a Council seat because she believes that her first-hand experiences dealing with crime and working for over 15 years to affect positive change in her. neighborhood gives her a point of view that would benefit the citizens of Denver. She wants to use her experiences to "boldly identify issues and champion common-sense solutions that will make all of Denver a safer, more vibrant place to live, work, and raise a family."

She is running on what she terms a "solutions-based" platform designed to deal with the escalation of crime and violence in Denver neighborhoods. She also proposes an ordinance to remedy the negative impacts experienced by residents and businesses along Federal Blvd. due to cruising.

She states that she has "a long track record of balancing her work on tough issues with dynamic projects which build bridges and unite diverse groups in the community."

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Jeffrey Beall said...

I like her platform and will probably vote for her. She's right that crime has become a big issue in the past few years. I live in the La Alma-Lincoln Park neighborhood and crime and gangs have increased here in the past couple years. This neighborhood really needs some serious action on this issue.