Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Let the discussion begin

In May 2007, Denver city voters will go to the polls to determine the face of their city government. Every one of the 13 City Council seats will be elected, as well as citywide posts for Mayor, Auditor, and Clerk & Recorder.

Citizens of Denver are both more affected an more uninformed by local races than by the more prestigious seats in state and national legislatures.

This blog will seek to rectify the imbalance, and provide some information of note regarding the races.

By way of personal introduction, I am a local Denver historian, with a full-time business (Historical Insights Inc.) . My colleagues and I research the history of homes, buildings, and neighborhoods for realtors, homeowners, and businesses throughout the metro area. Though I am not a politician, I do see the impact of city government in both the short- and long-term. I am a member of the West Washington Park Neighborhood Association (WWPNA), serving as both chair of the History Committee and Vice President of the board at large. However, I must stress that this blog in no way reflects official opinions of either Historical Insights or WWPNA.

As an outsider, I won't have special insight into the world of politics at large, but I will endeavor to find out what's happening as much as possible. To that end, input from citizens, organizations, interest groups, and even politicians themselves will strengthen the discourse begun here.

So let the discussion begin!

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