Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Current races

Below is an initial list of candidates for city government elections in May 2007. At this point, some of the candidates are active and some are only anticipated. And a few have already dropped out.

Mayor: John Hickenlooper, Dwight Henson

Auditor: Dennis Gallagher

Clerk & Recorder: Stephanie O’Malley, Don Henderson, Jacob Werther, Ken Gordon, Sharron Klein (dropped out 2/19)

District 1:Rick Garcia, Gerald Styron

District 2: Jeanne Faatz, Danny Lopez

District 3: Niccolo Casewit, Paul Lopez, JoAnn Phillips, Mark Roggeman, Ben Romero, Donald Sandoval, Kathy Sandoval

District 4: Peggy Lehmann, Ike Kelley Jr., William Rutherford III

District 5: Marcia Johnson, Mitchell Poindexter

District 6: Charlie Brown

District 7: Julie Connor, Chris Nevitt, Rochelle "Shelly" Watters, Dennis Smith, Jake Schroeder (dropped out 2/15)

District 8: Sharon Bailey, Roger Cobb, Carla Madison, Greg Rasheed, Lynn Smith, Darrell Watson

District 9: Judy Montero

District 10: Jeanne Robb

District 11: Michael Hancock

At-large: Doug Linkhart, Carol Boigon, Carol Campbell


Ben said...

Dave, If you'll provide your email
I'd be happy to send you the full list of candidates running for election this May.

Dave Burrell said...

Ben, Thanks very much. The email address is now posted in the upper right-hand corner of the page: denverpolitics@historicalinsights.com.

I have also placed the list of candidates (and webpage) on the right-hand side of the blog, so the names can be easily referenced. I'll look forward to updating the list with your information.