Friday, May 18, 2007

Write-in candidate results

The write-in candidate results are in, and boy are they underwhelming. None even reached three digits, with Lynn Smith leading the pack at 93 votes.
Clerk & Recorder: Kevin Slevin 61
City Council D01: Gerald Styron 6
City Council D08: Lynn Smith 93
City Council D09: Ray Barela 9
City Council D11: William Helfrich 0
If you voted for someone who was not an authorized write-in candidate, your vote was not tabulated. That means we'll have no official tabulation of the votes for "Santa Claus," "George Washington," "Martha Stewart," or the ever-popular "John Elway." Sorry, folks!


Dave Barnes said...

WTF! "authorized write-in candidate"
What a joke.
Write-in should mean written in. If John Smith gets the most votes via being written in, then John should win.
What? You have to apply to be a write-in candidate? Stupid.

Andrew Oh-Willeke said...

Clearly, given the poor performance of the authorized write in candidates, Soulful Sarah must not have done half bad.

Dave Burrell said...

Good point. It's especially telling since Gerald Styron received only 9 write-in votes. Given that there were 256 writeins for District 1, it's possible she received as many as 247 of 'em!

George said...

Soulful Sarah basks today in the glory of her (likely) 247 votes. If only she'd have signed the affidavit of intent to accept the office; if only she'd have spent a few bucks on her campaign. Oh well... History will record her good fight will extra cookies after dinner tonight. : - ]