Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Gulchie Awards announced

Coyote Gulch has announced the 2007 Gulchie awards, recognizing candidates in the Denver municipal elections who have best employed the Internet in their campaigns.

The winners were:
Mayor - John Hickenlooper
Auditor - Dennis Gallagher
Clerk and Recorder - Jacob Werther
Council District 1 - Rick Garcia
Council District 2 - Jeanne Faatz
Council District 3 - Paul Lopez
Council District 4 - Peggy Lehman
Council District 5 - Mitchell Poindexter
Council District 7 - Chris Nevitt
Council District 8 - Darrell Watson
Council District 9 - Judy Montero
Council District 10 - Jeanne Robb
Council District 11 - Michael Hancock
Council At-Large - Carol Boigon

We want to give special recognition to Judy Montero for her weblog, Carla Madison for the video of the Raging Grannies, Greg Rasheed for his video introduction, Mark Roggeman for design and Carol Campbell for the print a sign application.

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