Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Analysis of the Lopez residency question

Say what you want about the question of Paul Lopez's candidacy (and frankly, folks ain't sayin' much...), but Lisa Jones of Dear Denver continues to churn out thoughtful and fact-based analysis of the situation, and ought to be commended.

Today's piece entitled "Home is where Paul Lopez's heart is?" begins with a look at the workings of the Denver Election Commission:
Contrary to the impression conveyed to some by today's Denver Post story, DEC Executive Director John Gaydeski does not have the authority to make a ruling on a voter challenge to Lopez's eligibility. Until the charter change eliminating the commission takes effect in July, Commissioners Sandy Adams, Susan Rogers and Stephanie O'Malley still have the power and responsibility to hear a challenge (if one is filed) and make a ruling regarding Lopez's eligibility...

I hope that someone files a challenge regarding Lopez; I'd like to see the DEC go out with one final demonstration of relevance. The current Denver Election Commission has made huge mistakes, as we all know, but the structure does (or did) serve a larger purpose, namely representing multiple interests (in terms of political party, demographics, etc.) and settling election-related disputes in a public forum.
With regard to the question of whether Paul Lopez was a "resident" of District 3 (in quotes because the definition is apparently not formally defined), she says this:
One of my friends made an interesting observation this morning. She pointed out that the DEC allows voters to list an alternate mailing address. For example, you can live in Denver but ask that your ballot be mailed to your winter home in Florida. You can vote in only one jurisdiction, and it must be that of your primary residence, not your alternate mailing address.

Lopez claims that he considers his parents' home his primary address, yet he changed his primary address more than once in his voter registration record. If he had wanted to keep his parents' address as his primary address, he could have. But he didn't. He changed his residency to District 2, per official election commission records, and failed to change his residency "back" to District 3 within the one year rule.
Read the original article for the full discussion and the opportunity to comment.

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Denver3for3 said...

Denver City Council District 3 run-off candidate, Jo Ann Phillips has received the endorsement of three former District 3 candidates, Kathy Sandoval, Mark Roggerman, and Antoinette Alire. All three acknowledge that Jo Ann Phillips is the most qualified candidate for the job and has dedicated her time to the west Denver community. Phillips is challenging Paul Lopez for the opportunity to represent City Council District 3. “Her experience in District 3 has taught her how to tackle neighborhood issues and create opportunities in our community” stated Kathy Sandoval. “And that is why I am proud to support her candidacy.  She is the right choice for the district.” 55% of the voters in the district cast their ballots for someone other than Paul Lopez.