Wednesday, April 25, 2007

What your city officials USED to say

The exercise with Mr Werther got me to wondering what our city officials' websites looked like way back, even before they were elected. And by extension, how do they compare to their official actions?

Using a wonderful resources called the Wayback Machine, I perused the old websites. One limitation is that certain graphics may not load and links may be broken, but you can still navigate (guessing at what the missing images may have shown) and see what they had to say about themselves.

I invite you to peruse Denver's election facades as they looked in April 2003.
John Hickenlooper
Dennis Gallagher
Rick Garcia
Jeanne Faatz
Rosemary Rodriguez
Peggy Lehmann
Marcia Johnson
Kathleen MacKenzie
Elbra Wedgeworth
Judy Montero
Jeanne Robb
Michael Hancock
Carol Boigon
Did you notice anything different or strange? Comments, ideas, and critiques of "how they were then" appreciated.

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Ben said...

Cool stuff, I think Marcia's message is consistent. The biggest change for her is that she now has a list of accomplishments after four years on council, but otherwise she talks about many of the same things and I think has kept her focus on the issues vital to her district.