Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Video Interview: Doug Linkhart (At-Large)

Colorado Confidential's Kerri Rebresh interviews Doug Linkhart, candidate for one of the two City Council At-Large seats.

Linkhart discusses his background in the federal government, state government, neighborhood associations, and city council.

Overall philosophy is "investing in people." He speaks to mundane issues like expanded after-school opportunities and public safety initiatives in ways that reference the real lives of Denver citizens.

With the exceedingly-meager "safety net" offered by state funds, the work done on the city level becomes ever more obvious. Linkhart tries to save money wherever possible, including the great hope that Denver's new jail would never have to be built. His remarks focus on the effects of substance abuse in Denver, which are particularly prevalent in our city.

This is another terribly impressive interview, and recommended for others to review.

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