Wednesday, April 11, 2007

SAFER seeks answers from "Mayor Chickenlooper"

The marijuana legalization activists at SAFER (Safer Alternative for Enjoyable Recreation) are at it again, spicing up a dull political scene with an initiative that's both humorous and instructive.

Their press release is below:
The SAFER Chicken made its inaugural appearance this evening at the first of Mayor Hickenlooper's campaign forums (collectively titled "A Dialogue with Denver").

For some reason the dialogue included primarily the Mayor's talking points and rehearsed answers to "tough" questions (snow removal and immigration). He kicked things off by announcing the event was an open forum and they wanted people to ask questions, but alas the questions had to be written down and submitted to a moderator, who then picked which questions to ask (after consulting numerous times with campaign staff).

Of course, when it came to the recently revealed increase in Denver marijuana arrests, Hizzoner refused to answer any questions about it -- so much for the dialogue. According to reporters covering the story, the mayor's office also did not return any calls on this issue.

The SAFER Chicken will be appearing at tonight's (Wed.) installation of "A Dialogue with Denver," as well as all the remaining three, until he addresses this issue and explains why he is so scared of upholding the will of Denver voters and allowing adults to privately possess/use a drug less harmful than the one he sells.
They also provided the following flier:

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