Monday, April 2, 2007

Mayor: Anyone But Hickenlooper

There's a move afoot to jettison Mayor John Hickenlooper from office. The dean of Denver political reporters, Fred Brown, published an article in Sunday's Denver Post detailing a sneaky plan to get a Republican into the mayor's office. The article was entitled "Opposing a Teflon mayor."

The leader of the anti-Hickenlooper campaign is business consultant and perennial political candidate John Wren. His ire was raised by supposed mismanagement of the Denver Art Museum, but:
the art museum, he says, is just one of the "big, big problems in Denver that are not being discussed."

Such as: the problems with snow removal, the airport's closing for 45 hours, the malfunctioning new voting system, the slow start to the new justice center, gang shootings, graffiti, and the "disaster" homeless program is "a disaster."

These are problems that would spell political ruin for an ordinarily mortal mayor. Super Duper Hickenlooper, though, seems to come through it all virtually unscathed. A recent poll - taken by his own campaign, which suggests it may be a bit exaggerated toward the positive - showed him with a phenomenal 84 percent approval rating.

...Wren doesn't think J-Hic should be allowed to get off so easily. So he is encouraging others to run - as many "others" as possible. He envisions something like the crowded race for the vacated California governor's office that eventually was won by Arnold Schwarzenegger - without the same frontrunner-wallops-everybody-else result, he hopes.

"Every write-in vote would be a vote taken away from J-Hic, might allow GOP in Denver to unite behind one write-in candidate (you?) and win or at least force a run-off," he e-mailed.

He hasn't had a lot of response yet, but "I think more will come in."

To get even more details regarding this story and nascent political revolt, visit John Wren's ejournal. The first relevant posting was on Monday March 26, and continues to this day.

If you want to submit a protest vote against the mayor, check it out.

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