Saturday, April 21, 2007

Historic hangar left hanging

On behalf of Lowry rsidentcs, Dino Maniatis sent a letter to Councilwoman Marcia Johnson expressing frustration over the desired preservation of historic Hangar #2. The Cherry Creek News recently published the correspondence as "A Letter from Lowry," as excerpted below:
Most of your constituents I have spoken to overwhelmingly oppose the demolition of Hangar 2, regardless of the reason. A fraction of those are uninformed or indifferent, and even fewer than that support such a proposal at all...

We are writing to you not just as residents of Lowry and citizens of Denver, but as stewards of our community. The planning of Lowry did not and does not include the convenient disposal of what is considered the architectural cornerstone of this community. These hangars represent more than just heritage and history. They serve to remind us all of the remarkable efforts and sacrifices of many great Americans. It would be a very grave error indeed should we find ourselves incapable of safeguarding a legacy that helps define the meaning of the word, American.

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