Monday, April 9, 2007

CIty Council Attendance Rates

In a recent Park Hill forum, Council District 5 candidate RJ Ours indicated that his campaign was stimulated in part by a Rocky Mountain News article regarding attendance at City Council meetings.

The article in question ran on September 5, 2006. Political beat reporter Daniel Chacon penned the investigative piece, entitled "Council missing in action."

You should really read the full article, as it discusses whether attendance records indicate anything important with regard to the dedication or effectiveness of City Council members. For the sake of convenience, however, the calculated figures are provided below.
Councilperson // District // Meetings // Missed // Percent
Carol Boigon, at-large 289 81 28
Judy Montero, Dist. 9, north Denver 261 77 30
Marcia Johnson, Dist. 5, east Denver 269 73 27
Michael Hancock, Dist. 11, NE Denver 276 72 26
Charlie Brown, Dist. 6, southeast Denver 291 68 23
Kathleen MacKenzie, Dist. 7, S.Denver 249 56 22
Rick Garcia, Dist. 1, northwest Denver 298 48 16
Jeanne Robb, Dist. 10, central Denver 311 43 14
Doug Linkhart, at-large 300 35 12
Peggy Lehmann, Dist. 4, SE Denver 279 23 8
Jeanne Faatz, Dist. 2, southwest Denver 237 21 9
Elbra Wedgeworth, Dist. 8, NE Denver 51 25 49*
Rosemary Rodriguez, Dist. 3, W. Denver 142 18 13*

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Ben said...

Hi David, I'm Ben Gelt and I'm serving as campaign manager for Marcia Johnson in District Five. I asked her to write a response to your post for us to put in the comments and this is what she had to say:

"The Rocky Mountain News article from six months ago touched on some of the reason various City Council members may have to miss council or committee meetings. Unfortunately, the news story and its no-show rate chart painted only a partial picture for readers.

To my disappointment, I was not interviewed for the article. Had I been, I would have pointed out that I often missed meetings of boards that didn’t deal with District 5 in order to attend local meetings and other district centric activities. I believe I have been accountable to our district for my attendance at Monday night council meetings and the six committees that I either chair or serve on. My record of accomplishments for the district since I was elected in 2003 underscores that accountability.

I would add that since the News article appeared back last September, the Council has changed the structure of boards and duties, and my attendance rate has been consistently about 90 percent."

Thanks for your work on this blog, you've done an excellent job tracking city news, both mainstream and internet driven.


Ben Gelt

Oh, feel free to get in touch with the campaign at 303.355.2468 or through email at, also be sure to visit our website!