Tuesday, April 10, 2007

CD8: Carla Madison and accusations of neglect

Denver Direct is concerned about recent events in the City Park West Neighborhood Association. An article today indicates that organization president and Council District 8 candidate Carla Madison has canceled the Association's meetings for December, March, and April, and conducted what he called "a questionable election" in January.

See the full details at "City Park West Neighborhood Association Goes Dark."


Jeffrey Beall said...

Who is "he" ?

Dave Burrell said...

The author of Denver Direct is Gerald Trumbule.

Gerald Trumbule said...

I don't believe I made any "accusations of neglect" in my original post. I was merely trying to point out the conflict of interest that Madison has in running for City Council while unilaterally canceling CPWNA meetings.

Dave Burrell said...

Interesting. I actually thought "accusations of neglect" was a fairly tepid description of what sounded like virtual abandonment of the association.

But I am new at this and would welcome other ideas. We already know how Gerald and I tried to entitle the news.

What titles would other suggest?

Carla For Council said...

Part of the problem of living in a neighborhood with no current prevailing issue to rise up against is that participation is lacking. In the fall when I decided to run I realized there would be a bit of a conflict of interest and made the offer for anyone to take the helm. No takers. I've also been warning folks that when elected I will no longer be able to run the Association. Again I don't see anyone rushing to learn the ropes. Dave Webster, our vice president, has his hands full as he has just started his second term as INC president so I don't see him taking over either. We'll see what happens.
In my own defense for the 8 years I have been CPWNA president I have only cancelled two meetings prior to this campaign. Through the campaign I have continued to mail all city and other relevant announcements out to the neighborhood list and keep it campaign free.

I cancelled in December because Councilwoman Wedgeworth had scheduled a community meeting about the Children's Hospital Redevelopment that night and it seemed better to have neighbors attend that rather than miss it by attending the CPWNA meeting. Besides it was the holidays.

I have a forum tonight and couldn't make the meeting. I am not the association - just the president - none of the other officers felt it necessary to hold a meeting, so it was cancelled.

We have elections most January's if enough folks show for a quorum.

Anyone who would like to can step up. Perhaps Mr. Trumble would like to become more involved.

CowboyDenver said...

OK, show of hands: How many of you regularly attend your neighborhood association meetings? How many of you were planning on attending the cancelled meetings? I thought so.

Neighborhood associations, unless there is a burning issue, tend to draw only a few people. If there are no business items or issues to deal with, many non=profit Boards will cancel meetings for a period of time. Why would a neighborhood association be different? I see no conflict of interest whatsoever.

I think Trumbule is just trying to find some way to discredit a woman who has worked tirelessly for our neighborhood for many years (for no compensation either!). She still has my support and vote!

BigSprinter said...

Mr. Trumbule:

Why make such strong statements only to backpedal?

It's clear you're no fan of Ms. Madison, for whatever reason.

I have to admit I'm a bit shocked at the lengths you'll go to smear Ms. Madison in so many of your posts.