Thursday, April 5, 2007

CD7: Shelly Watters phone calls

I received the following email, which I will post without comment:
I was troubled by a phone call I received earlier today. I am quite used to getting phone calls from candidates and parties, but they always immediately identify themselves. I received a phone call today from someone wanting to ask questions about the upcoming election, sort of making me think it was a think tank or newspaper, immediately asked about the race for District 7 and who I would vote for in that race, starting to list off names. I then asked whom she was calling on behalf of and was told they were paid by Shelly Watters. I had made no decision about that race, but now have about her. It may be legal, but I found it quite shady for her to have those calls made without having the caller immediately identify themselves as being with and/or hired by her campaign. She may just be naive, but that was really shady.

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steve said...

i don't have time to look up details, but there are some rules that stipulate identification of who is paying for the calls; maybe they don't apply in all cases, but when i was calling for a PAC, it was made very clear that we must identify our sponsor