Monday, April 9, 2007

CD2: Faatz campaign finance figures were in error

Our recent posting on current financial status of Denver's municipal candidates has been revised with updated information for one of the candidates.

We originally indicated that Councilwoman Jeanne Faatz had $77,008. However, the Faatz campaign explained that the correct number is much less.

The issue arose from the Faatz financial disclosure for 2006 including roughly $55,000 which the campaign determined should not have been added. That figure was reportedly added to her disclosure form in error, as it represented 2003 financial contributions unrelated to the current race.

Her January 2007 disclosure and the amended January 2007 disclosure revised the figures. Subsequent disclosures have followed the same tack, indicating that her campaign has now raised a total of $20,680 instead of $77,008.

We at Denver Politics are not campaign finance experts. Far from it. However, it seems to us that the Faatz campaign should submit a revised form for 2006, because that report remains in error... and can't be corrected simply by revising a subsequent form. But again, we're not experts, and so have simply updated our figures above to match the campaign's internal figures - with apologies to all for the confusion.

Further clarifications and ideas appreciated.

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