Tuesday, April 10, 2007

CD9: Support for Benevidez at NoIllegals.com

Folks over at Americans for Legal Immigration are trying to drum up support for City Council District 9 candidate Waldo Benevidez:
You folks on the front range (and elsewhere) might do what you can to help one of ours in the Denver City Council Race. Waldo Benavidez is a Leader in the Colorado YOU DONT SPEAK FOR ME movement.

He was the first signature on the illegal immigration petition last summer. He signed with ex Govenor Lamm on the capitol steps last summer.

Waldo has debated against illegal immigration around Colorado. A fine man. He has good standing in the Latino community in Denver. All might do what you can. His opponent is an incumbent here in the sanctuary city of Denver and will be a tough match up.

Reach out and help where you can.
Further information on the You Don't Speak for Me movement is available online.

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