Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Where are you?

If you're a candidate for city government in 2007, can the voting public find your campaign website? I'd suggest the following test: go to google and try to find your name (in quotes) along with the words "city council" (or whatever post you're running for) and "denver". For example:

"Kathy Sandoval" "city council" denver

If your site doesn't come up, preferably on the first page of results, folks may well have trouble locating you.

In the meantime, if you know of campaign site which is not listed among the roster of candidates to the right, please pass the information along. I suppose one or two candidates might actually be running without a campaign site, but I can't imagine you have much of a chance these days without a sustained and highly-findable Web presence.

Comments and suggestions requested.


Greg Rasheed said...

This is Greg Rasheed, Candidate for City Council District 8. I have a feeling that a number of you bloggers may not be familiar with my website. It is I look forward to hearing from you as you look at my site.

Dave Burrell said...


Your site is a perfect example. I invite you to type "Greg Rasheed" "city council" and "denver" into a Google search. You'll find that your website doesn't come up anywhere on the 4 or so pages of results.

This is such a basic responsibility of campaign webmasters, I am surprised to see it so neglected in candidate sites throughout the city.

People looking for you may well find this site, and then be able to jump over to your page. And for that, I'm thankful. But I do want to encourage all candidates to consider their web presence, especially given the lack of traditional media attention to these races. It just seems... elemental.