Sunday, March 25, 2007

Profile: Stephanie O'Malley (Clerk & Recorder)

Colorado Confidential is stepping up efforts to provide information to Denver voters regarding the 2007 municipal elections. This is the first in a series of planned video interviews with candidates, conducted by fresh reporter Kerri Rebresh.

As the first extended discussion of Stephanie O'Malley's campaign platform found on the Internet, it is very valuable indeed.

The entire interview with Stephanie O'Malley is available online, but an excerpt of her campaign promises is provided below.
As the elected Clerk and Recorder, I intend to:
Lead a comprehensive review and audit of Denver’s election methods, processes and procedures. I will use results of the election audit to further guide decisions focused on holding successful elections in the City and County of Denver.

Partner with a neighboring county, such as Larimer County, that has successfully engaged in a "vote center " model election. I will use this collaborative partnering experience to develop strategies that will lend to Denver successfully engaging in a vote center model.

Fix all challenges associated with Denver’s e-poll book.

Hire the best available Election Director.

Use a second available appointed position for the elections division to hire a Deputy Director of Elections. This is a necessary as regaining voter confidence is a priority. The presence of a Deputy Director of Elections will lend to regaining this lost confidence.

Make staffing revisions where needed to improve the department’s service delivery around elections.

Engage in a comprehensive review of costs associated with hosting various types of election models. Use the results of this review to assure that adequate resources are delivered during elections.

Engage in collaborative efforts with the Secretary of State’s office to comply with Federal and State legislation that has significant impacts on election matters within the City and County of Denver. For example, the Help America Vote Act instructs the Secretary of State to establish a state-wide voter registration list. Under my leadership, Denver will participate in this process.

Hold the management staff accountable and responsible for their performance and that of their staff members.

Work with the disabled community to deliver a voting model that affords them opportunity to vote independently.

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