Saturday, March 24, 2007

Profile: Roger Cobb (CD8)

Several candidates for the District 8 City Council seat were profiled in the March 2007 edition of Life On Capitol Hill.

Roger Cobb's campaign was described as follows:
Roger D. Cobb has a wide variety of civic and community involvements through both his employment and his private life. His many contributions include: 20 years of employment shared amongst the Denver Housing Authority, the City Attorney's office, the Public Defender's office, Denver Urban Renewal, DIA, Council aide for districts 5, 8 and 10, Parks & Recreation, Human Services, and Public Works, among others.

His collaborative community experiences have included participation in HOPE VI, East Village, the Dahlia and Holly shopping centers, the Stapleton and Lowry Redevelopment Authorities and registered neighborhood organizations, Seniors, Inc., Youth Biz, the Denver Ministerial Alliance, and the Manual High School Community Council, among others.

He states that he wishes "to serve the citizens of District 8 with integrity, transparency, and accountability" and "to link and educate the citizens of District 8 to all appropriate federal, state, and city resources."

He is concerned about what he labels the "educational & economic divides" in the district due to what he terms as "our underperforming" and "under-resourced" schools. He allots the economic problems to "universal financial strain caused by employment loss, fewer "available" jobs; low wages; and reduced government budgets used to finance all forms of public assistance. "

Cobb envisions working with constituents "to position our district as the 'Most Desirable District' in Denver through education, empowerment, and implementation of community-inclusive ''best practices."

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