Monday, March 19, 2007

An issue-based blog

I despair over the lack of issues-oriented discussion in the May 2007 election. Though I look each day for news articles highlighting the differences between candidates, I rarely find them.

It's not just the media's fault. With a few notable exceptions, the candidates also eschew definitive position statements on their websites, preferring instead to offer lofty phrases and commonsense platitudes that alienate no one. It seems that the nature of this race is to play not to lose, instead of igniting real passion or driving controversial points into the public debate.

I can't say I blame them, because the voters don't demand it and the media doesn't cover it. So you seek financial contributions, gather ye endorsements while ye may, show up wherever you can, and hope it turns out well.

Rather than await the arrival of a more issues-oriented campaign, I would offer this blog site as a forum for debate. Rather than await the media to "see the light" or candidates to see the need, I will offer space on this site for candidates to debate the issues. Underfunded candidates with serious ideas will thus be given as much attention as political insiders with enormous war chests, and voters will have their campaign experiences enriched.

Feel free to email me with question ideas. In the meantime, let's start the discussion.

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