Friday, March 16, 2007

Endorsements from Progressive Majority

Progressive Majority has decided to endorse candidates in all three open City Council Seats. Below are candidate profiles taken from their website:
Paul Lopez
Candidate for Denver City Council - District 3 (Open Seat)

Paul Lopez is a SEIU organizer who defines the phrase ''community organizer.'' Paul was born and raised in District 3, where he has worked in the community since he was 13 years old (starting out as a dishwasher). He has spent his entire life improving the lives of people who live in West Denver through his work with multiple organizations and initiatives. Paul will add youth, diversity, and passion to the council and will serve the 3rd District well.

Chris Nevitt
Candidate for Denver City Council - District 7 (Open Seat)

Christ Nevitt tirelessly works to promote healthy neighborhoods and responsible re-development. Chris understands and lives the commitment to public service. His parents were in the United States Foreign Service and he grew up understanding that representing America overseas was not just a job, but a way of life. He learned the value of hard work, commitment to ideals, passion to learn, and contribution to community. He is a lifelong, committed progressive who will be a strong advocate for labor union issues and will bring a progressive voice on the Denver City Council.

Darrell Watson
Candidate for Denver City Council - District 8 (Open Seat)

Darrell Watson is an African-American community leader who is openly gay. During the past 12 years, he has worked with over a dozen community organizations, including the Denver Police department Cultural Competency Board, Co-Chairing the Colorado Stonewall Democrats, and he is a recipient of the 1999 Colorado Democratic Party Rising Star Award. For the past seven years, Darrell has worked as a financial manager for US Bank and TIAA-CREF. Darrell's major campaign goals include restoring funding for after-school programs to reduce gang violence. District 8 is predominantly African American and Latino although the district demographics are changing with more affluent Caucasian homeowners moving into the district. Darrell's candidacy will broaden the city council's diversity and provide support for Progressive Majority's over-arching goal to help deliver collective bargaining rights to the Denver City and County employees.

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