Friday, March 16, 2007

CD8: Watson spanked a child

The Denver Post is always eager to sensationalize. After ignoring political candidates throughout the city, reporter George Merritt has uncovered a major new story.

Darrell Watson (and the boy's father) spanked a child. The boy's mother got upset, and Darrell received a judicial slap on the wrist.

The so-called story entitled "Dist. 8 hopeful pleaded guilty" is excerpted below:
Darrell Watson, who is running for the open District 8 council seat, received a deferred sentence for "wrongs to a minor," according to police and court records.

Watson was taking care of the boy, and the child suffered bruises after Watson and the boy's father spanked him. Both men were charged.

The boy's mother, Lisa Buchholtz, reported the bruises as an incident of child abuse, according to a Denver police report...

In February 2003, Watson said, he and the boy's parents all agreed that the boy had misbehaved and deserved a spanking.

"There were three swats on the behind by myself," Watson said. "He did not change his behavior, so about 30 minutes after that, the biological father spanked the minor child again three times, and that was it."

Update (03/16): Jason Bane at Denver's 5280 is also picking up the story, claiming confusion over what was clearly a personal family matter.

Update (03/19): Coyote Gulch reports on the emergence of an attack ad on YouTube, spurred by the Denver Post and continued on the Internet.

Update (03/21): Michael Roberts at Westword has now gotten into the act, reporting on the attack ads spurred by this supposed controversy. There are two new ads at YouTube, which underlining the nastiness (and meaninglessness) of the reported charges. Viva la Internet! And more importantly, viva la Denver Post!


Lisa Jones said...

As I asked at 5280 -- Did Watson spend any time in jail related to these charges?

Aaron said...

It was a minor misdemeanor.

Stephen said...

How is this a story?

Dave Burrell said...

Beats me.