Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Profile: Jake Schroeder (CD7)

A profile of City Council candidate Jake Schroeder, as found in the Denver Daily News.

The title of the March 30, 2006 piece by Peter Marcus: Opie gone political: singer to seek council seat."
Lead singer of Denver rockers Opie Gone Bad has decided to take on one more occupation and run for the City Council next year.

Jake Schroeder told the Denver Daily News yesterday that in the past few months he’s become very serious about a run for office adding that he feels he can contribute to a community that he is already very connected to.

“I work with the Police Activities League, I’m very committed to the community...I’m seeing a lot of stuff that can help kids in the city,” he said.

Schroeder will take a shot at District 7 Councilwoman Kathleen MacKenzie’s seat who is term limited.

He may face former state Sen. Penfield Tate who reportedly is eyeing an open seat on the City Council. Tate could run for either MacKenzie’s seat or District 8 Councilwoman Elbra Wedgeworth’s seat who is also term limited.

So far, only one person has officially filed paperwork for a bid at the City Council. Chris Nevitt, policy director of Front Range Economic Strategy Center, will run for the District 7 seat.

MacKenzie’s senior analyst, Julie Connor, said she would also run for the seat and Councilwoman Carol Boigon’s aide, Shelley Watters, treasurer of the Platt Park People’s Association, confirmed she is running for the same seat.

Schroeder is not afraid of the potential competition or hard work the job entails noting his ability to multi-task.

“I have five jobs right now, so one of the reasons I want to run is that I’m used to getting things done,” he said.

In addition to his position as lead singer for Opie Gone Bad and his work with the Police Activities League, Schroeder owns local coffee company, Jake’s Joe, and on Monday night’s he hosts a KQMT 99.5 radio show, “The Mountain Homegrown Show,” when he features local artists. He also sings the national anthem at Colorado Avalanche home games.

“There’s been a lot going on [in the city] and I think we’re setting the stage for the growth of Colorado,” he added. “As an outsider I can add common sense and efficient thinking to the City Council.”

Schroeder believes that the Council is working on “great stuff” but feels his leadership would be an essential addition to the board.

“I like the concept of developing relationships within the community to take the burden off the city,” he said. “One thing that is important to me is to make sure that bureaucratic inefficiencies don’t get in the way.”

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